Black Postcards – by Michael McGriff

These poems transpire in moonlight, bending but not breaking.  Rarely has a writer so thoroughly described the abrasion of his spirit.  Childhood, the home place, even the lover’s body are drawn relentlessly into a maelstrom of injury and loss.  And yet the poet is paradoxically astonished by the beauty and grandeur of this damaging life.  Vergin on dream, McGriff’s poems in Black Postcards achieve an authentic rural American surrealism.  -John Witte

Michael McGriff is one of our best poets, and these are some of his most accomplished poems, in this collection, McGriff is working in an astonishing new mode of surreal minimalism; successions of protream images dare you to follow them across a dark field.  It’s as if Vasko Popa was dropped down into rural Oregon.  These are poems tied to the neck of a new ghost.  -Andy Grace

Black Postcards is in the Surrealist Poetry Series.  Chapbooks in this series can be purchased here.