Nightcall – by Andrea Jurjević

by Andrea Jurjević. These poems offer surreal explorations of both our concrete reality and the disorienting terrain of self.  Jurjevic traverses a gritty landscape of memory, love, sorrow, and sex with unswerving honesty and stunning imagery. Erotic, devastating, and deeply searching, this is a book anchored by yearning and the willingness to search out its answer in every doorway and street, and on every shore.

”Erotic, contemplative, at times surreal, these vibrant poems of the body—its pleasures, its diasporic drift—create an ‘intoxicating ministry of dusk,’ where even ‘the moon, translucent,’ becomes ‘a soap bubble’ on a lover’s ‘glistening back.’ In the nocturnal, pulsing world of Nightcall, Jurjević reminds us, ‘We all author and haunt our own dreams.'” 

–Sandra Meek, author of Still

“Jurjević’s Nightcall takes from the world and builds another with vivid, unrelenting consciousness. Each object is both touching and touched. They’re both breathing and breathed on. The level of sensuality in these poems is alive, dark, toyed with and is pressed into the mind like a beauteous stain.” 

–Jerriod Ashant, two-time Pushcart nominee, poetry & photography editor of Kinfolks

Nightcall is the 12th volume in Willow Springs Books ACME surrealist series.  It can be purchased here.